Why Red Apple is Your best source for cookie dough, frozen foods, and gift/Wrapping Paper Catalogs


Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough is a world class cookie that your customers can bake fresh in their own ovens.


We have the most experience with providing organized and profitable cookie dough fundraisers.


Red Apple is also a great source for gift and wrapping paper catalogs.


Red Apple has helped schools nationwide since 1996 raise over $120,000,000 with quality frozen food items.


Our awards programs are the best in fundraising appealing to both parents and students.


Experience: Our fundraising consultants average over 15 years of service helping organizations just like yours reach their goals.

With top products like Mrs. Fields cookie dough, and Auntie Anne's pretzels you are assured of a successful and satisfying fundraiser when you choose Red Apple to assist your school or organization.

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